Goals and objectives of activities

The main goals and objectives of the company are as follows:

  • production and wholesale of vodka, cognac, alcoholic beverages, wine spirits, wine materials and grape raw materials
  • production of bottles and glass products, production of polyethylene, aluminum caps and consumer goods
  • Wholesale activities
  • export-import operations in accordance with the current legislation; provision of internal and transport services to legal entities and individuals
  • Purchase and sale of tangible goods from business entities
  • Sale, purchase and lease of property belonging to the enterprise, in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad
  • Establishment of firms and joint ventures with legal status in the Republic of Uzbekistan and beyond
  • Processing and sale of agricultural products

The types of activities required by a special permit (license) are carried out after obtaining the appropriate permit (license)

All actions are always, from time to time, in direct, indirect or other ways, directed towards the accomplishment of the goals set forth above

In addition to the above activities, the Company can also carry out other activities that do not contradict the current legislation.

The society has the right to hire specialists from our country, as well as abroad. Also determine the method, size and type of their payment independently within the law.

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